One of the easiest ways of getting to Chalet Madarao is to us the Japanese train system. Catch the Shinknsen to Iiyama. From there it is a short taxi or bus ride to Chalet Madarao. But if you let us know which train you are on, if possible, we will pick you up from the station. This needs to be arranged in advance.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with HyperDia and use one of the options suggested there.

Hyperdia will tell you train times, what the fare will be, allows reasonable times when you change trains and also tell you shich platform your train will be on. When you are not quite sure which train to catch having the platform number is very re-assuring.

From Narita there are 2 choices:

Catch the JR N'ex to Tokyo and change there to the Shinkansen to Iiyama.

Alternatively you can catch one of the Keisei trains to Ueno and change to the Shinkensen there.

We think changing trains at Ueno is easier than changing at Tokyo even though you are changing train companies. This means that  you need to buy 2 different tickets and you need to change from the Keisei Ueno station to the JR Ueno station. But the 2 stations are very close and it is far less confusing than trying to find you way around Tokyo station.

However if you want to take advantage of the JR East 5 day flexi pass you should catch the N'Ex to Tokyo and change there. JR East 5 day flexi pass costs 25,000 yen and  gives you travel on the JR East rail system for 5 days out of 14 days. The return trip from Narita to Iiyama costs almost that much so if you want to do some other sight seeing it is a cost effective option. A great, cost effective day off is to get up early, go somewhere on the train and come back late. Even a day trip to Tokyo is practicable.

From Haneda the best option is to catch the monorail to Hamamatsucho, change to the Yamanote line to get to Tokyo and then change to the Shinkansen lines.

At Haneda buy just a monarail ticket.

At Hamamatsucho you can buy the shinkansen ticket. The ticket machines have an English option. You want to buy a ticket to Iiyama.

We suggest you inestigate the train timetables beforehand. The critical times are the shinkansen times as both the monorail and the local trians run regularly. Then you will know the times for the appropriate shinkansen and whether or not you need to rush to catch the train. Remember trains in Japan run on time so if you are late you will miss your train.

  • Whilst Madarao is a powder mecca there are lots of other things to do. So if you want a break or your companion is not so keen on the snow we can provide some alternatives. 


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  • Madarao has numerous onsen. The easiest one to get to and use is at the Madarao Kogen Hotel. There is also a great spa at the hotel at Tangram. But this is best for when

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  • Of course you are welcome to eat in at our restaurant at Chalet Madarao. Alternatively there are lots of restaurants in the Madarao area. As we get to know the area we will list our

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