We have a few house rules so everyone knows what to expect when they stay with us. This gives you confidence about what is acceptable behaviour in our lodge. They are not particularly onerous and will help us all get along.


If you are unsure about something or there are any issues with what someone is doing, please come and talk to us. We will do our best to sort things out.

Outside footwear:

No outside footwear is to be worn past the sliding doors. The custom in Japan is that you take your outside shoes off and wear slippers inside. If you do not want to wear the slippers supplied you are welcome to bring your own inside shoes with you.

Late Nights:

We are aiming to be a family and skiers lodge so late night partying that keeps other occupants awake is not acceptable. You are welcome to have a late night at one of the bars nearby. But when you come back you need to keep the noise down and not disturb other people.

Common Areas:

Except for your bedroom, the kitchen and staff areas, all areas of the lodge are shared. This gives you an opportunity to mix with other guests and have a drink and a chat at the end of the day without going out. However, apart from the restaurant area, you are expected to clean up after yourself. This is not onerous, just wipe up any spills, put away the things you use... just like you would at home. We clean these areas regularly but we will not always be there to tidy up after people.


Our bathrooms are shared and are for the use of everyone. We have a male and female bathroom appropriately labeled. However we do have times when you can book a bathroom for your private use. Ask a staff member for more information.

There is no time limit on when you can use the bathrooms apart from when they are privatley booked or when we are cleaning them.

Drying Room:

The drying room is for boots and wet outer wear. It is not to dry washing. Please remove as much snow as possible from you boots. If your boots are dripping please put them on a lower shelf so you don't make someone elses boots wet.

We suggest you put your boots opening down so that if wet boots do get put above yours the inside of your boot does not get wet.

Washing Machine and Dryer:

We have 2 washing machines. One of them is also a dryer. The dryer is a condensing dryer and takes a long time to dry your clothes. Please be considerate to other guests and only use this for drying during the day when others are out or overnight. We have racks available for drying clothes and generally clothes will dry over night or during the day in your room.

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  • Chalet Madarao is a fully catered lodge.

    We have an on-site restaurant for breakfast and dinner and a bar.

    There is high speed wifi internet access throughout the lodge.
    There are 7 big Western style rooms  and 3 large Japanese style rooms. Standard occupancy in the Western style rooms is 2 people but they can take 2 additional children or an additional adult. The
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  • General

    We have 5 twin ensuite Western rooms,  2 twin Western rooms and 3 Japanese Rooms.

    All rooms have individual reverse cycle air-conditioning units, so you can set the temperature to what you want. There are no flued or un-flued kerosene heaters commonly found in many Japanese lodges.

    All the beds in the western rooms are king single beds. If you want a "double" bed,

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  • General

    Our rates are given in Australian Dollars. If you want to pay us in another currency please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

    If the room you want is not available please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We may be able to offer you another room with less than full occupancy at a lower rate.

    The rates below are our rack rates. We regularly run offers giving discounts. If you have a

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